Monday, December 31, 2007

time is running, sprinting in fact..

..I have my train ticket to London, the Eurostar is booked,
and the interRail ticket is in my suitcase.

It is 80 minutes from the end of 2007 my hair is greasy and will stay so until next year.
There is unnecessary screaming going on outside and I am running late to attend a party.

Still not packed, of course not....
Still only half way through two more applications.
Staring at the clock, wishing it would slow down.

Leaving the desk behind now to return at 1am.
No sleep tonight.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

still bed-less in Belgium...

..but I have decided on a hostel

and now just hope that there will be room on such short notice..
(I am due to arrive at about 9pm on the 1st of january.)
They sound rather stern and strict, but I suppose that's what happens
when one spends years accommodating teenagers.

I am sad to leave my christmas tree, it looks so cozy..

a slightly regretful morning...

...but only for the matter of slight overindulgence of alcoholic content...

I have finally seen sense and will go to buy a copy of Thomas Cooks
European Rail timetable. What was I thinking when I didn't do that sooner..?

And I will also book two hotels, the first one for Belgium
on my first day of travel and the second hotel for my point
of arrival in Istanbul.

Still too much to do to get ready, too little prepared,
and the borrowed car was broken into.

The suitcase containing too many kilograms to ever stand a chance
at even the first train change.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

another rather late night...

... the suitcase half packed, questions fluttering in my mind
wether I may be crazy to embark on an ill prepared journey.
But since I am stubborn I am going, ill preparations or not.

Friday, December 28, 2007

...a late night shortly before the journey begins...(1)

Hesitation is never a neutral statement is it?

Taking a slow means of public transport to snail-pace my way closer to the point of unavoidable decision.
Fleeing and invading simultaneously.