CV, resumé & BIO

Birgit Deubner was born in Cologne (Germany)
A radio program about Matisse sealed the decision to become an artist.



some exhibitions and events:

2015 November: invitation to join FISKARS Village, Artist Residency.

2014 Made drawings for sale and sold them
2013 Summer to Winter: made 140 drawings to commissions

2012 personal projects and writing, concluding the MFA at Goldsmiths with a surprisingly high score mark. Let's celebrate! Exhibitions? none, I was on an Art Strike.

2011 Pop-Up Gallery, Fitzrovia, London, UK. curated by Nolan Browne
2011 ICA invited by Shunt, London, UK. invited by Robin Spalding 
2011 Catlin Art Guide
(publication, UK), on sale nationwide, selected by Justin Hammond
2011 Last Fridays Shorts, TAP / Coexist, Southend on Sea, UK, selected by Michaela Freeman

2010 SHUNT, London, (UK), curated by Robin Spalding 2010 Art Murmur, Oakland, (USA)
2010 Benaki Museum, Athens, (Greece) Out of the box Intermedia curated by Sozita Goudouna
2010 Affordable Art Fair, London, (UK), Emerging Artists (works sold to collections) curated by
Jessica Hall
2010 Southend on Sea Art Festival, Kent, (UK), invited by Coexist
2010 Pause and Eject II, Shoreditch, London

2009 Portobello Film Festival, London, (UK)
2009 Quad, Derby, (UK), curated by Alfredo Cramerotti
2009 Pause and Eject I, Brick Lane, London, (UK)
2009 Workstation, Sheffield (UK), curated by Josh Tennant from Red Wire Liverpool
2009 BBC Big Screen (UK), 6 weeks of hourly 3 minute screenings of 'Dungbeetle and Sisyphus',

2008 Slowness, Red Wire Gallery, Liverpool, (UK), curated by Vanessa Bartlett
2008 Liverpool Independent Biennial, commissioned piece 'Dungbeetle and Sisyphus',
Arena Gallery, Greenland Street area, Liverpool, (UK), curated by Tony Smith
2008 The Liar the Witch and the Wardrobe, Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool, (UK),
curated by Vanessa Bartlett
2008/1 research, UK-Istanbul overland journey

2007 6 months research and production residency South India, with 2 exhibitions in
public spaces.
2007 Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool (solo)
2006 Siem Reap, Cambodia
2006/10 Independent Biennial Liverpool, (UK),
public spaces performances with lead wings
2006/08 Independent Biennial Liverpool, (UK), Bracket This 3, curated by Tomas Harold,
presented by Mercy

some education:

MFA Art Practice / Fine Art pass with flying colours (Received the Warden's Purchase Prize, the university purchased a large piece of work for their collection)

BA(Hons) Fine Art 2.1

Physical Theatre Training

As-Levels 10 subjects, average score: 1.8
(1 being top marks, 2 very good, 3 a fair pass, 4 a squeeze, 5 and 6 being fail)

GCSE equivalent: about 10 or 12 of them, average mark around 1.6
(see above for what that might mean)

some work I have done and would do again:

Professional Artist

German Language Teacher, private lessons.
Translation services German - English - German

Professional Photographer / Documentation and Documentary

Workshop Leader  for Art Workshops, Drawing and Painting Classes and Crafting

some types of clients: primary schools, primary schools for children with learning disabilities, secondary schools, secure unit for young criminal offenders, community centers age groups youths, adults and pensioners, county hall park festivals, private drama school...

Art Handling Technician for the Tate Gallery Liverpool
Gallery Assistant, guarding the art and providing an information resource for the viewers.

Theatre Front of House, ticket person and seat finder guide 1994 - 2012 (and why not, small pocket money and free culture, what's not to like? I believe you are never too successful to volunteer an evening every once in a while.)

Qualified Bodyworker - Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Oil Masage and Thai Foot Massage with Reflexology

Qualified Yoga Teacher - Classical Hatha Yoga with desire to practice more pranayama and study philosophy