Sunday, March 25, 2007

they are saying yes to everything..

..the meeting at the cathedral this morning went well, I met 4 of the stuarts who are now lined up for filming and helping with the project.
And because I get them when they least expect it I also just got hold of a couple who I should be able to film during their morning puja. (Hindu faith).
I have a volunteer for jewish faith practices at home and it is looking less frightening than it did this morning...

Tomorrow I am up at 6am to get ready to go to a morning prayer at the cathedral and then to see two musicians who I am beginning to do some work with for an overlapping but actually seperate project.
I think after that the afternoon is free to prepare for London (buy a tripod, make sure I have the camera and changing bag and whatever I may need..!!) and source more volunteers/collaborators for my project here and in down there, too.

Since I will be down there on Palm sunday I think it would be good to at least attend a mass and know what I am missing (filming wise)..

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