Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rollercoasting, skating and cycling... with integrity.

Now this was a roller coaster of a fortnight!

Interviews for postgraduate programs at both the Royal College and at Goldsmiths, art worries, stage fright in relation to the invitation to make work for St. Luke's / Bombed out church in Liverpool.

Thinking, thinking, and rethinking, finally being met with an epiphany whilst in the bath last night. "If the mountain isn't coming to me then I will just go to the mountain" Or something like that...

So I shall let you in, into my cryptic thinking in the next days. In the meantime I will try and formulate it all and edit it into a manageable size.

The bad news: the RCA sent me a rejection letter on deceptively hight quality stationery.
The enormous, massive relief: Golsmiths invited me unconditionally to come and study on their Masters Program from this autumn.

Unconditionally has to be my favorite word, if I would be offered same terms in romance then life would be complete.
Unconditionally is just such a character and life affirming attitude. And most gratefully received.

Enjoy your Easter Holidays, with or without beautifully hand colored eggs. Unfortunately boiled eggs make me nauseous.. What a shame.
Good Day and Good Easter. Aim high...

(Perhaps I need to curtail my life-coaching advices.. Before I turn into Eckhart Toll, or some other such similar lifestyle Guru. But I can't help myself: Don't be lazy!)

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