Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cultural immersion Language and Art lessons

I offer Cultural immersions in Art and Language, this is most interesting for those with some existing language proficiency. We can approach these lessons in a practical or theoretical way, you can use them for hobby interest or for preparations for further study. Perhaps you are considering a visit to Germany and want to build up confidence in your language skills with a focus on Arts or Social Issues, Politics, Environmental Affairs? All of these are themes that I share a passionate interest in. Included in the subject Art can be contemporary Dance, Fine Art and Conceptual Art, we can visit Art Exhibitions, Museums or approach your German Language practice with practical Art lessons. You can combine any aspects of my lesson repertoire (Art, several approaches to Yoga, Languages, basic Drama) with either English or German as instruction languages. These lessons are not available as one hour sessions, the shortest I offer is 2 hours for practical Art Practice and 3 hours for excursions with conversation throughout and tea and summary conversation at the end of the session.

Workshop Leading and assisting for drama, arts, working with children, young people, adults, OAPs, people with learning difficulties and speakers of other languages. I have a lot of experience working with shy learners and enjoy the challenge of raising interest in a project with those who are easily distracted.

Private & Group Art Tuition, German and English Language lessons, Yoga practice and basic drama workshop skills, which are very useful in raising confidence, group dynamic building and also suitable as a way of getting the body moving as exercise while engaged in focused but expressive free play. As I offer a range of lessons in different fields I would like to begin with the fundamental basics: All of the lessons I offer are in skills that I am passionate about and enjoy sharing. I can offer combination classes in which I can give Art lessons in German or a mixture of German and English, depending on the language level of the participants.

Hourly rates during the summer months are £20 per hour, discounts are available for regular students on weekly 2 hour sessions (payable in advance) and on second and subsequent 3+ hour sessions.

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